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If you’re here that’s because you’re looking for the best truth or dare app, that’s right? Well, you did the good choice to visit this website as we have the truth or dare app you’re looking for! We’ll present you a free truth or dare app available on both Android and iOS platform. This app contains 1000+ dares and questions for kids, teens, adults and couples. Don’t worry, even if you’re looking for a dirty truth or dare app to play as a couple then this app will be perfect!

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Why do you need an app to play truth or dare?

When you play truth or dare you have to come up with ideas for good questions and dares. Often, we’re running out of ideas and we repeat the same basic dares again and again. That’s why there are truth or dare applications with hundreds of questions/dares.

The purpose of a truth or dare app is to provide you with good truth or dare questions and dares.

What’s the best truth or dare app?

Today, we can find a lot of truth or dare apps out there. Some of them are great and others are bad (bugs, few questions and dares…). To save you time, we’ll present you only one truth or dare app in this page. We think this is the best truth or dare app because it offers 1000+ questions and dares. This app is really easy to use, you can play truth or dare offline without an internet connection. You can add as many players as you want. You can add your own categories, dares and questions. This app is really stable and we do our best to have no bugs in it. This app is also suited to kids, teens and adults (with a dirty category).

Truth or dare app
Free truth or dare app available on Android, iPhone and iPad

This app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. So, if you’re interested feel free to click the buttons below to download this free truth or dare app.

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Best truth or dare app for adults and couples

As you may know, truth or dare isn’t only a game for kids. Nowadays students can play this game as a party game to drink. But there is also a dirty truth or dare app version…

If you’re looking for an app to spice up your couple then we recommend you to try truth or dare for adults. Basically, the game remains the same but now you’ll get dirty dares and questions. The app we introduced you earlier contains a category suited for adults/couples. This category will propose you some naughty dares to do with your partner…

Truth or dare app for adults
Dirty truth or dare app for adults
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